Squeeze Tight-campaign!
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Pelvic floor muscle exercise every time the red light is on!

We challenge you to exercise your pelvic floor muscles every time the red light is on.

The campaign preventing urinary incontinence activates women to do pelvic floor muscle exercises every time they are at a red light. Accept the challenge and train your pelvic floor muscles into top shape!
Do your pelvic floor muscle exercise every time the red light is on, whether you’re on foot or in a car. If there are no traffic lights on your daily route, then you can do the exercise every time you see a red car, a car’s brake lights or anything red.

The challenge is based on a memory technique taught by gynecologist Pirkko Brusila.

Yes, I want free instructions on how I can exercise my pelvic floor muscles and participate in the Squeeze Tight-campaign!

As you participate in the campaign you will receive an email with instructions on how to exercise your pelvic floor muscles.

Furthermore, as an insider of Squeeze Tight, you will also receive extra exercise tips,
which will motivate you in advancing in your exercises.



One in every four women
suffers from urinary incontinence.

It is usually not spoken openly about, but one in four women suffer from it at some point in their lives. It decreases the quality of life and causes social and hygienic issues. Urinary incontinence is not only a problem for elderly women but for women of all ages.

Urinary incontinence affects your whole life and also the lives of the people around you. For example, while going out, you have to plan your route in a way that there are as many toilets around as possible. Also you might have leakage during intercourse or at the gym you always leave a wet stain on the bench. Your social life suffers because of it and it can lead to being isolated. Especially among the elderly urinary incontinence may lead to infections and as a consequence even endanger their lives.

Urinary incontinence can be prevented by regularly exercising your pelvic floor muscles. There are also other benefits to having your pelvic floor muscles in good shape, for example, better posture and increased sexual pleasure.

Bailamama together with the Federation of Finnish Midwives, Finnish Association of Physiotherapists in Pelvic Floor and the Finnish Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, want to increase knowledge on urinary incontinence and preventing it.

We all work with women and we want to unveil this taboo and bring forth the importance of exercising pelvic floor muscles in preventing urinary incontinence. It is a huge issue among women. One in every four women suffers from it, but it can be prevented by regular exercise. This is why we invite all women to participate in the Squeeze Tight-campaign!